August 16, 2019

Current Board Members

To reach the entire AHPTA Board, please email:


We’re still looking for some volunteers to fill the following roles:

  • Spiritwear Coordinator
  • Meeting Timer
  • Young Author’s Day Coordinator

Please reach out to the board if you’re interested!

President: Aaron Utigard |
Vice-President: Naomi Rue |
Treasurer 1 (Budget & Reporting):  Heather Ahndan
Treasurer 2 (Accounts Payable& Receivable):  Kelly McCaffrey
Co-Secretary:  Denisa Webb
Co-Secretary: Elaine Moy
Communications:  Randall Hauk
Fundraising – Auction:  Lauren Silver
Auction Co-Chair: Aiko Stanley
Membership:  Camille Roberson
Co-Equity & Inclusion:  Monica Fuji
Co-Equity & Inclusion: Cynthia Granada
Events: Nicole Javier
Hawkeye Coordinator: Monique Tetzloff
Yearbook Coordinator: Heather Munro
Teacher Liaison:  Emma Cornwell