Arbor Heights PTSA IDEA Forms

Supporting Students, Families, and Staff of the Arbor Heights Community

Arbor Heights PTSA IDEA Forms

PTSA’s global purpose is to “work for the health, welfare, safety, education, care, and protection of children in the home, school and community.” 

This PTSA serves the children in the Arbor Heights Elementary school community which includes the variety of residences and businesses in the enrollment area and the greater Seattle Public School District.

What are “Idea Forms”?

The mission of the PTSA is to support the students, the families, and the staff of the Arbor Heights Community, which extends beyond Arbor Heights Elementary itself.  In the interest of fostering innovative ways to make an impact, Idea Forms allow for any non-budgeted items to be submitted for funding through the AHPTSA.  Teachers, parents, staff, community members and/or students may have ideas (big or small) that they believe can make a difference if funding can be secured.  These requests are meant to provide a tangible and visible benefit to students who attend SW Seattle Public Elementary schools. 


It is likely that PTSA will receive far more requests for funding good ideas than it has dollars to fund them.  In 2020-2021, the budget for Idea Forms is $4,000.  In essence, this is an unallocated fund within the PTSA budget that accommodates new ideas that can serve the wider Seattle Public Schools southwest community beyond Arbor Heights Elementary.


Idea forms are available here and must be submitted via the AHPTSA website by 8pm on February 11, 2021. Projects will be voted on at the February AHPTSA General meeting.  Projects/ideas will be evaluated based on an 10-point scoring system.

Idea Form Guidelines and Scoring

Scoring Idea Forms will happen amongst voting AHPTSA members present at the February  Executive General Meeting.  The 10-point scoring system provides consistent and evaluation guidance for voting members. The AHPTSA reserves the right to use additional information for decision-making purposes.


Diversity & inclusion – Will this item specifically benefit our Diversity and Inclusion goals?

(Possible Points 3: 0 points for no, 1-2 points for somewhat, 3 points for yes)

Life expectancy — How many school years is this item likely to contribute to student benefit?

(Possible Points 3:  1 point for items likely to last 1 year, 3 points for 3+ years)

Vitality and benefit –  Does this purchase support activities that contribute to the vitality of the school’s student body as a whole?  Is there access to all? (e.g. gardening may be managed by one classroom, but all students are accepted to gardening club)

(Points 4:  0 points for no, 4 points for exceptional)

Perfect score:  10 points

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